April 4, 2017

Nathan Philips Square, Toronto
-20 Degrees Celsius, 2017
Nathan Philips Square, Toronto

The re-construction of Euphemism of lies

Nearly seven years of contents have been selected and intentionally deleted from this blog. Seven years of thoughts, ideas, emotions, adventures, and creativity reflected through words and images have been eradicated to make way for changes. Some of those that have been obliterated were drafts that yet to be published, and some were partially written that yet to be completed. 

The blog's first four years have been fruitful. If I could remember that I have devoted myself looking for topics and subjects within the busy downtown streets of Toronto, alleyways of every downtown districts, faces among public transit commuters, dangerous protest, monotonous neighborhood of Toronto suburbs, and many more. It never ceased and the city had stood still while its characters were being re-built through the form of words and images. One must remember that the blazing heat of summer, the bitter cold winter, and the soggy spring and fall, had never thwarted my way to be a hunter-gatherer for a blog content. 

But what exactly happened?


The excruciating process of writing a content, making every single sentences faultless, creating a perfectly flowing thoughts to fully portrays the ideas had become a nuisance to my demanding daily life. Every single time a concept was available, words were nowhere to be found. They call it mental block, I call it lack of interest. Lack of interest to continue writing for this blog; lack of interest to produce content for public to enjoy; lack of interest to compete on sharing anything that can be shared to people that merely peeking at it because of boredom.

Similar to many beauty and fashion bloggers nowadays, advertising a published story requires efforts. Back then, there was not much platform to promote a blog, besides Facebook and Twitter. Now, a never ending list of social media platform can be found within the world wide web. Work, however, will be much more complicated at the present time compared to how blogging was five years ago. Blogging used to be a portal to the unknown knowledge of others, now it became an industry and a medium along with moving pictures, print-ads and radio commercial to advertise products and brands. Blogging world became a Kowloon Walled city, where sun lights will only reach the exterior. 

Despite everything, Euphemism of lies flourished and stretched out on to the peak of its so-called success, then a recession. From three constantly-published contents every week, to three contents per year for the next three years. Its presence gradually faded. Its voice were muted. All its pictures had been reduced to dust. The blog called for some re-construction, re-evaluation, new portfolio, new content, but with the same idea.  


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